Friday, July 13, 2018
The top 10 so-called ‘hot occupation trends’ in Jamaica in 2017 were teachers, accountants, managers/directors, customer/sales representatives, officers, supervisors, technicians, clerks and nurses.

That’s according to the publication ‘Labour Market Trends and Prospects for Employment Opportunities in Jamaica’. The document, which is prepared by the Ministry of Labour and Social Security and published in April this year, was recently tabled in the parliament.

The ministry’s quarterly publication known as ‘Hot Occupations’ lists the top 10 jobs based on advertisements posted in the classified and career sections of the Sunday newspapers.

It also reviews data retrieved from the Electronic Labour Exchange, as well as the Work Permit and Private Employment Agency departments of the Ministry.

“Since the Jamaican economy is primarily driven by the service sector, a large proportion of job vacancies are found in this area,” said the ministry.

Meanwhile, as of December 2017, some 77 Private Employment Agencies (PEAs) were registered to provide employment both locally and overseas to Jamaicans. Data submitted by PEAs to the Ministry for the period January to December 2017 was used to determine the types of positions that were in demand in Jamaica.

The number of vacancies submitted totaled 1,847. Vacancies for domestic helpers accounted for 869 or 47 per cent, which was the largest group. The group, clerical workers was next with 255 or 13.8 per cent followed closely by waiters with 253 or 13.7 per cent.


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