Tuesday, April 3, 2018

The Jamaica Promotions Corporation (JAMPRO) has begun its 2018 campaign to promote Jamaica as a location for shared services investments, with the aim of bringing more jobs to the business process outsourcing (BPO) sector.

The agency recently kicked off its promotional efforts to diversify the sector at the 22nd Shared Services and Outsourcing Week in the United States, where JAMPRO partnered with the event to highlight Jamaica as the best location for shared services and other BPO projects.

At the event, JAMPRO promoted Jamaica's visibility among leading shared services firms and decision makers while engaging in business-to-business meetings. In addition to displaying Jamaica's success in BPO, the event provided the opportunity to invite investors to consider Jamaica for investment in shared services projects, where business operations are consolidated in one location. This will support the agency's goal of doubling the current employment figures by 2020.

JAMPRO said that participation in the event was a strategic decision by the agency to attract shared services investments to Jamaica.

Claude Duncan, vice president of sales and promotions at JAMPRO, said that even though the outsourcing sector has continued to grow rapidly, the agency wanted to diversify the possibilities that are available for Jamaicans seeking employment and provide a boost for the country's economic growth programme.

Said Duncan: "Shared services investments form an important part of our strategy as we plan to grow the industry and diversify the outsourcing sector. This will allow Jamaica to move up the value chain and offer more avenues for various professionals to become involved in BPO."

Shared services centres usually manage an organisation's accounting, finance, legal and human resources matters in one entity, rather than having separate departments at each company's office.

... Shared services the solution for large firms

Large companies are now looking for ways to be more efficient in managing organisational affairs, and the shared services concept provides a solution in one location, says Claude Duncan, vice president of sales and promotions at JAMPRO.

"Many public- and private-sector entities, both locally and internationally, are looking at ways to streamline their organisational management, and this is where JAMPRO sees the opportunities to create jobs for many Jamaicans," he said.

"Under a shared services model, we will see more jobs in accounting, finance, HR (human resources), and data analytics coming to our shores, and we believe that we have the labour force to meet this demand. By attending the event as a sponsor, we were able to position Jamaica as a destination that can deliver exceptional quality to those looking for the ideal country for their shared services centre."

JAMPRO will continue its BPO promotions to encourage sector development and will also be participating in the European leg of Shared Services and Outsourcing Week in May 2018.


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